Turnkey vehicle development by FEV

Urban Mobility Concept: SVEN

Shared Vehicle Electric Native

The customer: share2drive was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the FH Aachen, University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany). Since end of 2017, share2drive is part of the FEV Group and develops mobility solutions including dedicated vehicle concepts. Key element of the business model is SVEN – a vehicle tailored to the requirements of Car sharing.

A mobility concept for an increasing urbanization

With rising urbanization, cities are increasingly confronted with congestion, air pollution and a lack of parking space. As a result, cities are implementing driving restrictions and urban tolls. The costs of owning your own vehicle in the city will therefore rise continuously.

Mobility services as a growing market

Worldwide trends for shared mobility as an enabler for new business models.
Continuous urban sprawl Sharp decrease in new car buyers between 18 and 29 years old More than 90% of the day, private cars are not being used Intermodal mobility

By 2030, at least 10% of vehicles will be used in mobility services.

Demands for a new urban mobility concept...

18-40 year olds are in focus Modern, not playful, conveyance of safety
75% "single travel", 95% rides with max. 3 people in the vehicle 86 % use the vehicle to transport purchases minimal parking space requirements
Very easy to use 50% are "infrequent drivers" (5 times/month) Creation of a quick feel-good-atmosphere Intensive communication

...which have to be implemented in a dedicated car sharing vehicle.

Independent, clear design and friendly appearance

3-seater at 2.5 m in length
variable useable space, comfortable entrance/exit

Super simple to use, clean and maintain
High degree of personalization and integration into the cloud
Ergonomics for everyone, airy interior

The concept behind SVEN is to develop a real vehicle that provides a contemporary answer to shared mobility requirements.

The design of SVEN delivers the ideal car sharing vehicle

Rigorous application of five key and unique vehicle design principles:

Design for e-mobility
SVEN accelerates emission-free fully electric from 0-50 km/h in 5 seconds.
Design for minimized size
Easy to handle and agile - SVEN is not only ideal for driving in the city. He also fits into almost any parking space.
Design for best cost per km
Cost per km is the decision driver not only product costs.
Design for car sharing needs
The simple intuitive handling of the vehicle as well as the easy maintenance distinguish SVEN.
Design for car sharing revenue
SVEN can be interpreted for different user profiles. Additional services can be offered.

From the first design to the interior – SVEN, a vehicle concept with 100% car sharing-DNA.

Vehicle architecture

Adapted to each kind of requirement


The better the plan, the smoother the implementation. To meet this responsibility, the conceptual design of individual components and assemblies, the interpretation of the concept variants and further development, and aspects all the way to delivery are implemented by FEV.

Our range of services, includes
Vehicle concepts for conventional as well as for electric and hybrid vehicles Advanced light weight design Multi material light weight technologies Design and feasibility studies Overall vehicle dimensions Ergonomics Powertrain integration Mechanical integration of all sub-systems

Electric propulsion system and full chassis

From carsharing to


Electric Propulsion System Services
Complete specification of the electric drive unit including electric motor, inverter, converter and charging unit Tailored EDU to ensure best performances for urban shared mobility Technical specification of the traction battery according to latest technologies

Full chassis services
Chassis development including system layout and specification for wheel suspension, steering and brake system Detailed design supported by CAE - Strength, fatigue
- Ride and handling
- Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
Subsystem integration System tuning, testing and validation

Body in white

Light weight and
cost efficient product properties


A future mobility concept needs optimized products properties, and the goal is to meet weight and cost efficiencies. Our challenge is to ensure that no conflict arises between these requirements and existing quality standards.

Our range of services, includes
Basic layout plans BIW platform scaling Detailed design Weight calculation

Manufacturing feasibility Framed, unframed and sliding doors Hinges and seal profile Positioning of the electrical components Gas spring/spindle Stating of rotary axes Kinematics CAE: crash, stiffness, durability, NVH Tolerances

Exterior and interior

Modules and components optimized
in each single detail


From lids, doors, gate systems, and seats up to I-Panels, the challenge is to meet the technical, as well as the ergonomic and legal requirements of the module.

Our range of services, contains
Class-A surfacing / strak for exterior, lights and interior including parametrics

CAD design of modules, exterior body parts, interior trim, instrument-panel and seats Concept cuts and package investigations Integration of airbags and restraint systems CAE Technical documentation Serial development Supplier support and handling

Light and sight

Innovations for a unique
impression of your vehicle


The look of a car will be strongly influenced by the shape of the lights. It might look grand, refined or friendly. FEV is your innovative engineering partner for realization of light developments.

Our range of services, includes
Concept, styling and class-A surfacing / strak Design, light simulation / CAE Laser-light with phosphorus OLED-light (separate controllable)

Functional animated orchestration MLA technology (Multi Lens Array) Very inclined projection angle possible Full image design with partial coverage Intelligent apron lighting Ambient lighting Welcome / shutdown scenario Illumination of bodywork parts, e. g. side panels

Vehicle performance

Your engineering partner
from design to SOP

Our range of services, includes
Aerodynamics and aeroacoustic, CFD, wind tunnel Vehicle and powertrain NVH Active sound design ICE and electric vehicles Thermal management for powertrains Climatisation strategy for electric vehicles Passive safety strategy for battery systems Durability simulation and validation for all loadcases Full vehicle testing and validation, CAE, rig-, track- and road-testing Vehicle energy management, simulation and testing Vehicle dynamics simulation and testing, tuning of suspension, steering, brakes and tyres Virtual and real crash tests for global requirements


Autonomous driving and assistant systems

Vehicle concepts with integrated pilots


SVEN is designed and prepared for Level 4 (SAE) autonomous driving
SVEN is equipped with four cameras which offer a complete surround view For the long distances, seven Lidar sensors and one mid-range radar are integrated Intelligent recognition software

Connectivity Solutions

Ready for new business models


SVEN is a fully connected (V2X) digital device – ready for mobile applications
SVEN can be personalized before driving. Store and receive user profiles to / from the cloud, including music, seat positions, in-vehicle lighting, and more. These features are automatically applied when opening the car.

CarSharing business model can be achieved
SVEN is open for new digital business models, such as "In Vehicle Purchases" for new or more comfortable user functions SVEN can be integrated into your own car sharing solution SVEN is open for data driven business – it's always connected and allows users to log vehicle sensor data and use it for maintenance prediction or Battery State of Health (SOH)

SVEN's Specs

Power to surprise

Doors 2
Seats 3
2.5 m x 1.75 m x 1.65 m
(L x B x H, width without cameras)
Loading capacity
with folded bank
210 l
580 l
Vmax 120 km/h
5 s (0 – 50 km/h)
15 s (0 – 100 km/h)
Battery capacity 20 kWh
Reach 140 km
Turning circle < 8 m
Ready for urban use – SVEN is electrified and ready for autonomous driving.

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